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About Fraquetball
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What's the hype about? Here is what Fraquetball essentially is.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Fraquetball, it is a student-run sport exclusively at St. Paul Open, that happens during the winter season. The American Fraquetball Association is also a non profit organization. The game is composed of 2 teams of 2 people, and played in the elevator hall on the 3rd floor during lunch.

  • Equipment: 4 ping pong paddles (1 for each person), 1 ping pong ball, lines (mid and goal lines).
  • The object of the game is to get the ping pong ball over the opposing teams' line.
  • There must be a 2 point difference. Players must stay within their field, and cannot cross the dividing line.
  • The ball can also go anywhere, but there are rules in which fouls are conducted.
  • Statistics are recoreded every game, and totalled up at the end of the 2 seasons played every year.
  • An MVP and champion will be declared also at the end of each season.

Diagram of court
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