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09-10 Season
With the retirement of Griffon Larson
08-09 season.
Hat Trick went undefeated. Seriously. They never lost a game. Do you know how hard that is? Because I do, and the answer is as it turns out, not very hard. Well, Hat Trick! ended their reign on a 33 game win streak, which happens to be much than the Gentle Giants previous record of 19. Season recap in one word? Domination.
07-08 season.
The Regular season: Sum of all Fears goes undefeated, beating Hat Trick! in a close game. No other big surprises. Playoffs: First round. Sum of All Fears sweep 2 1/2 men in an uneventful series. Space Monkey's sweep Curtain Call, Danny cries when he realizes that he has always bee the anchor on his teams chances. Hat Trick! sweeps Los Geezers when Gryphon plays the best fraquetball since his 9th grade year, yeah he was on! 6-1-Tizzou dismisses Hmong Massacre in a sweep. The two teams met in the final game of the season, a game that had similar results. Round Two: When the universe flipped upside down Space Monkey's took adavantage of Sum of All Fears sweeping them 3-0. Honestly no one has been able to explain what happend. "I don't know what happend, it just did," said Jaime Avila after the crushing defeat. No one thought it possible, everyone knew that Hat Trick was meant to get another shot at Jaime, to finally beat him. But no, Jaime failed. There has been speculation that Jaime blew the series as to deny John Knapp the chance to claim the best fraquetball player ever. For with out getting to beat Jaime, John never proved himself in the old world. A dead fish could go 8-3 these days. Without the excitment that was sure to surround these finals John and Gryphon swept their way through 6-1-Tizzou without thought, and then again blew past Space Monkey's in a sweep. Some say that this was the most disapointing end to a season, ever.

Season/playoff Recap of 06-07 season
THE REGULAR SEASON: Not much to be said, a lot inexperienced teams. Not too exciting... just read about the playoffs... March 14: First round playoffs: Hat Trick dismisses Space Monkeys in 2 games. I Forgot the score of the games, probably like 7-2, 7-4. I don't know. Who cares anyway. March 15: First Round Playoffs: Fetal Attraction beats Los Geezers 7-4 in game one of their heated playoff series. Liam had 3 saves, 5 blocks, 1 steal, 3 aces and 2 goals. Not bad. March 19: Fetal Attraction wins game 2 of their first round series agaisnt Los Geezers. GO Fetal Attraction! March 20: The number 4 seed 1 & Half Mexicans shock the Fraquetball world by defeating the number 1 seed Grease Lightning in 3 games. After a 10-1 season, highlighted by Doug Anderson's spectacular play, they could not over come Quinlan Miller's Senioritis. Which prevented him from playing in the playoffs. But the story of the game was Duane Buck's amazing play. just like last year, he shut down Doug, and wasn't half bad on offense either. (I'm pretty sure he scored all but one goal.) March 21: The Vernal Equinox is not just the start of Spring, it was also the end of Anger Management's season, as they dropped their second game to Chivas 7-1. (I know yesterday was the Vernal Equinox so cram it.) The first game was played some other day and Chivas also won that, 7-1. Damien became the second player to walk off the court before the game ended this playoffs (Doug was the first.) In other news, Fetal Attraction took the first two games from 1 & a Half Mexicans. The first one, which was a nail bitter, 9-7, Up 6-4 , the Mexicans couldn't seal the deal. The momentum turned when Brandon blocked a shot into a goal, (ala Duane Buck). The second game was won in a very desive manner 7-2. It was all Fetal Attraction. And I mean ALL. March 22: 1 & A Half Mexicans set out to complete their decisve 3 game come back.. Only to come up just short, losing 7-1 to fetal Attraction. Fetal Attraction wins the series 3-0. After winning the previous series 2-0. Could they run the table? This Fraquetball expert says not. March 26: Chivas vs. Hat Trick. 1 vs. 2. Some called it the "real" finals. I'm inclined to agree. And this epic battle did not disappoint, going down as the most electric series of all time. (No, seriously, it kicked a whole lot of ass and then some.) I will now do some very brief commentary on all three games…. Game 1: Chivas took the early lead, 3-1 (I think) with some solid play. However Griffin Larson fired back with 4 aces! FOUR. Hat Trick had a chance to steal the game, however they screwed up. Game 2: Riding the momentum of their “almost comeback thingy” Hat trick beat Chivas 7-4 in a game that seemed a lot closer than it actually was. Game 3: This game was all Hat Trick, 7-1. Game’s 1-3 were played during lunch, with Hat Trick stealing the momentum. The series was to be finished after school Game 4: Chivas took advantage of the break going up 5-1 on Hat Trick. However, Griffin and John are resilient beings and fought back. The comeback was triggered by a mishap by Jose, resulting in a goal. John followed with two goals of his own. All of a sudden Hat Trick was back in it. The game went to overtime before Chivas barely pulled out the win. Game 5: Hat trick came out strong, 4-1, and Chivas looked done. And I mean done. Jaime was visible worn out (he was taking all the shots) and Hat trick was on their way to the Championship. Chivas fought their way back, behind some poor shots by Hat Trick and Jaime’s offensive adjustment. The game went back and forth for a while, until Hat trick was down 7-8 with griffin serving. Griffin hit what was a picture perfect serve, I kid you not. He then scored the next point. Then Hat Trick fucked up and Chivas won. Good job. The Championship Series The Fraquetball Championship featured several all time greats on the court at the same time, two time MVP Jaime Avila, one time MVP Liam Shramko and defensive specialist Jose Garcia.. Andrew Hoaglund was also there.. I guess. The series started off with Chivas quickly dimissing Fetal Attraction 7-3 in the opener. Fetal Attraction returned the favor with a 7-2 blowout. However, the next two games were about as epic as it gets in the Fraquetball world. Chivas pulled both of them out. Then Chivas won another game to win the series 4-1. I'd write more but this happened like 6 months ago.. My memory is hazy...

Season Recap of 05-06 season
Well, without the Gentle Giants, numerous teams thought that they had a shot at the championship. The main story of the regular season though, was The Losers. They won their first 11 games, finishing 12-1, winning the Northern Conference. Jaime Avila won the M.V.P. But once they got to the playoffs, they looked more human. They won the conference championship against Fetal Attraction 3-1. All of those games were close, Fetal Attraction was carried by Liam Shramko, who finally stepped up his game after Fetal Attraction finished an average 8-5. In the Eastern Conference, at first Jesson 5 was cruising to victory. They hit some bumps during the regular season, but still finished first in the conference. However, due to Duane Buck's amazing front defense, Laffy Taffy beat them in the Conference finals, 3-1. The championship wasn't that great, Laffy Taffy ran away with it, winning 4-1.

Season Recap of 04-05 season
Well, that was one heckuva season, am I right? Yeah, it dragged a bit, and the playoffs were anitclimactic, but still. Gentle Giants were their usual selves, except for the rare slip up. The Losers surprised most by finishing only a game behind them. Liam Shramko (of Fetal Attraction)showed that he was by far the best player that year, with an amazing 118 stops, a record. Jose Garcia wowed many with his potential, eventually winning a close rookie of the year award. But when the dust cleared, the two final teams were very familiar to the Fraquetball world. Yes, Jesson 5 and Gentle Giants faced off against each other in the finals. Jesson had this to say before the first game, "You can't hit what you can't see, float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee." If Jesson 5 stung Gentle Giants like a bee, then Gentle Giants stung Jesson 5 like the news of John Lennons death. Gentle Giants swept them, but Jesson, ever the politician, shook their hands, and later, ate lunch with his two greatest enemies.

Season Recap of 2004 Spring Season
Spring 2004 Season Recap Fraquetball started out this season, for the first time, with Divisions. Thus, more teams entered the playoffs. Eight out of sixteen did. The dominance of Gentle Giants continued this season, they lost only one of their ten games. And that was to Spik 2 Mik, on their last game of the season, long after they clinched the division. Aggressive Tendencies, Aaron Izaksonas-Smith, were in second place in the Pacific Division every day of the season. Except the last day. When they lost to White Gold, and Receding Hairlines beat The Foreigners, Aggressive Tendencies lost their playoff spot. In the Antarctic Division three teams were gallantly competing for two playoff spots. Much to everyone’s surprise Los Geezers struggled mightily this season. The crushing blow was a loss to Loveable Little People, and that loss kept them out of the playoffs. Both Loveable Little People and Los Geezers finished 6-4, but Loveable Little People held the tiebreaker. The Realists won the division with a 7-3 record. In the Galapagos Division Jesson 5 was the favorite. And indeed, they went 8-2, only losing to Gentle Giants and Mexico City Sombreros. Whitey’s Revenge was the main opposition for Jesson 5 in the Galapagos Division. They went 8-2 as well, but lost in the tiebreaker. In the Mediterranean Division Mexico City Sombreros, despite some complete lapses, won the division easily. They went 8-2, losing to Geek 2 Chic, and The Foreigners. Geek 2 Chic finished second, at 6-4. In the first round of playoff action, Loveable Little People started off on the right foot against Gentle Giants. They won, 7-4. But they dropped the next two, 5-7, 4-7. The Realists took care of Receding Hairlines with ease, winning the series 2-0, 7-2, 7-2. Jesson 5 barely got past Geek 2 Chic, 5-7, 7-5, 7-2. And Mexico City won with surprising ease against Whitey’s Revenge, 7-3, 7-2. In the second round Gentle Giants advanced, and there was a very exciting Northern Conference Championship. Jesson 5 won the first game, 7-2, and they were in high hopes. However they dropped two close games in a row, 4-7, 5-7. But Nathan Jesson pointed to a 9-0 record for Jesson 5 when facing elimination. Indeed, Jesson 5 won the next game, 7-5. Yet it was not to be, they lost the fifth game 2-7. In the three game series in the finals, Gentle Giants won, 7-5, 7-3.

Season Recap of 2003 Fall Season
It was an exciting season for Fraquetball. The regular season brought, surprises, upsets, and dashed hopes. The Jew Live Crew seemed as if they were favorites to make the playoffs at the beginning of the year. With a victory over the Jesson 5 on the first day of the season, this only seemed to become more apparent. A victory over the Realists also gave the impression that the Crew would make the playoffs. But a 5-7 loss to Tons O’ Fun sent them back to earth. They followed up with a loss to Los Geezers, then a victory over POW. They finished 3-2 in conference play, second in the conference. However, with losses across the board from Gentle Giants, Lovable Little People, and the Receding Hairlines kept them out of the playoffs, finishing third in the Northern Conference. Jesson 5 started the season as favorites to get into the playoffs as well. They lost to Jew Live Crew, but beat Tons O’ Fun and the Realists. They finished 3-2 in conference play, third in the conference. In interleague play, they faced Sonic Team, Lovable Little People, and the Shamrocks. They beat the Lovable Little People 7-5, fighting off a last second comeback. They faced the Shamrocks and found themselves down 2-4, they stepped up though, and won 7-4. The game against Sonic Team was practically a shootout. Sonic Team won the shootout 7-5. But they finished 5-3, second in the conference. Enough to make the playoffs. Los Geezers came out as not only favorites to win the conference, but championship as well. They finished 5-0 in the conference, leading the conference at the beginning of interleague play. They defeated their fellow teacher team Receding Hairlines 7-5, though it seemed as if there was a chink in their armor. The supposed game of the year came up, against the Gentle Giants. They lost, 5-7. But they finished 7-1, and won the conference, and got a first round bye for the playoffs. Tons O Fun came into the season as underdogs. Experts thought that to have an all offense, no defense team, you need an absolute star. Some say that the reason they made the playoffs was because of their weak schedule. However, the fact that they beat division rival Jew Live Crew, seems to show that they were deserving. Nevertheless, they did lose to Jesson 5, and the Realists. But they finished 4-4, placing third in the conference, enough to make the playoffs. The Realists looked like they might not contend for the playoffs, but they did. At times the Realists looked terrific, beating Tons O’ Fun, or playing the Jew Live Crew as tough as possible. But at other times they looked soft, like in a 2-7 loss to the Jesson 5. A loss to the Lovable Little People at the end of the season crushed any playoff hopes. The defending Champs, the Gentle Giants started the season a bit slow. They were caught sleeping in a close 7-5 victory over the Lovable Little People. But there were only two more games where they would be challenged. They were down 2-5 against the Receding Hairlines when the game was delayed on account of time. When the game continued, something had changed, but I don’t know what. The Gentle Giants won 7-5. They faced Los Geezers, and won a close matchup 7-5. They won the conference finishing 8-0, getting the first round bye. Sonic Team planned on challenging the Gentle Giants for conference champ, but after a 4-7 loss it didn’t seem like it would turn out that way. Outside of that loss, there were only two other close games across the course of the season. The first day of the season they barely pulled out a victory over the Lovable Little People, 7-5. They won a very quick game over the Jesson 5, 7-5. They finished the season 7-1, second in the conference. The Lovable Little People started out stumbling. Although their fist two losses were against Sonic Team and the Gentle Giants, they lost to the lowly, lowly, lowly, Shamrocks 5-7. It looked as if their season was over. They had a tough schedule, but they didn’t go down without a fight. In a breathtaking game they defeated the Receding Hairlines 9-7. They defeated the Jew Live Crew 8-6. They went on to clinch a playoff spot, finishing third in the conference at 4-4. The Receding Hairlines were a question mark heading into the season. Everyone knew Joel was okay from his time with the Alpha Numericals, but everyone knew that Alex Ford carried that team. Plus, what about Arturo? Would he be any good at all? Arturo proved to be quite valuable, he is one person who hits the ball as soon as he can, which throws off teams that rotate between offense and defense. Joel showed that he could play defense, and score. However, it was no certainty that they would get into the playoffs. With their first two wins coming against Shamrocks, and Emma and Natalie, which proved nothing. Combined, those two teams finished 2-14. However, they always played best when challenged. They barely lost to Gentle Giants, and played well against Los Geezers. They finished 4-4, out of the playoffs. But the bottom line is that this team is still a question mark. I wouldn’t be that surprised if they won the championship, and I wouldn’t be that surprised if they finished last in their division. The best team they beat was Jew Live Crew, who finished 3-5. Their other victory came against POW, who finished 1-7. They finished 4-4, out of the playoffs because they lost the head to head game against the Lovable Little People. In the first round of the playoffs, Jesson 5 beat Tons O' Fun easily,7-0, 7-2. In the other conference, Sonic Team faced off against Loveable Little People.Sonic Team won the series, 7-5, 4-7, 7-3. In the second round Sonic Team dealt Gentle Giants their first loss since Los Geezers beat them in the finals in the first game, the previous February. But that was all they got. Gentle Giants won the series, 7-3, 7-4, 4-7, 7-3. Los Geezers took an early lead against Jesson 5 winning the first two games 7-4, 7-5. But then Doug Andersons ace took control, Jesson 5 won the next three games, staving off elimination, 7-3, 7-4, 8-6. And in the finals Gentle Giants won the first three games, 7-5, 7-4, 7-5. But, they dropped the next two with literally, effortless performances, 2-7, 1-7. And the next game was quite the showdown. Jesson 5 won 7-4, to tie the series. And the seventh game contained what is called the greatest point in Fraquetball history. The game itself is said to have lasted 25 minutes. The last point, 10 minutes alone. The score was 6-5, Jesson 5, when finally Doug Anderson got a shot through, and then Jesson 5 were the champs. Nathan Jesson was declared Series Championship MVP.

Recap of February 2003 Tourney Eight teams qualified for the tourney, some favorites, and others unexpected surprises. But one thing for certain, Fraquetball will never be this balanced in talent again. Every single series was ripe with excitement.Seeman, the 1 seed, played Nevermind. Much to everyones surprise, Nevermind put up quite the fight. They won the first game, with Jim Witt carrying the heavy load, something new for this team. But it was not to be. Seeman won the next two games to take the series. Los Geezers took two close games against Jew Live Crew, despite Joe Levine's enourmous effort. Gentle Giants beat Alpha Numericals in what may have been the greatest game ever, final score 13-11. That was the deciding third game. And it seemed evident in the Tastes Like Byrning vs. The Jesson Five that a goalie, even one of Nathan Jesson's calibur, cannot carry a team. Tastes Like Byrning barely won the final matchup, 7-5. In the second round though, they were dismissed easily by Gentle Giants, who won the series, 3-0. The other semifinal however, was much more exciting. Seeman won the first game against Los Geezers, due to Geoff Freemans amazing backhand. However with Leo Bickelhaupt,how could you lose? Leo only allowed three goals, the next two games. But Seeman was not ready to give up just yet. Liam Shramko played offense in the fourth game, and it was the most amazing in the one month history of Fraquetball. Seeman won, 7-4. Los Geezers though, are known for their resound. They won the next matchup, 7-5, in a climactic battle. And entering the Gentle Giants Los Geezers final, Gentle Giants were 3-1 underdogs. And Los Geezers won the first game with ease, 7-2. Yet Gentle Giants won the next four games to succed Seeman as Fraquetball champions.

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