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íHola! Soy La Chupacabra. I have some muy interasante advice about playing Fraquetball. Just follow what I say, and you will do just fine!


Tip 1) Offensive
Figure out a hitting strategy that best suites you. Once you find a hit that works, don't change it. You may put spin on it, or rifle it into the goal line. Whatever works, go with it.
Tip 2) Offensive
La Chupacabra has been stolen! Play Fraquetball, and give the commitee money, and you will find him again!
Tip 3) Defensive
Model your style of play after Nathan. He is the defensive mastermind. He inspired such defensive greats as Liam Shramko, Jose Garcia, and Sean Keith.
Tip 4) Defensive
When playing front defense stand a bit behind the line, so the ball is easier to recover after you've blocked it.
Tip 5) Offensive
When shooting, hit the ball hard, and aim, this will increase the likelyhood of scoring.
Tip 6) Defensive
Seriously, don't play double back defense on serves. It was statistically proven that aces are more common on double back defense. Trust me, Doug isn't that good anymore.

Tip 7) Special Teams
During the kickoff, make sure your team hustles down. 98% of kickoff return touchdowns can be attributed to poor hustle on the kicking team.

Tip 8) Offensive
If you have a good, classic, option running game, don't toy with it. Don't worry, the program will turn around. Don't go to a West Coast offense, when the Option is what got you this far.

Tip 9) Offensive
Remember to always start the runners with two outs and a full count. The failure to do this is inexcusable.

Tip 10) Offense and Defense
Create a playbook. Loveable Little People had one back in the day, with such plays as DMZ Line, actually, thats the only one I remember. But there were other ones too.

Tip 11) Offense
When hitting the ball, aim high. These shots are more difficult for the goalies to block, as long as they reach a certain velocity. The best shooters all have quality high shots.

Tip 12) Offense
Have a variety of shots to use. Even if you have a great shot, people can almost always adapt to it after being exposed to it after a certain time. So make sure to develop a repertoire. It helps if both members of the team shoot.

Tip 13) Strategy
Watch games! A lot can be learned if you study your opponent ahead of time.

Tip 14) Strategy

Do not underestimate your opponent. Gentle Giants and Fetal Attraction have both lost to Y.O.U., Jesson 5 lost to Brooklyn Extreme, and Mexico City Sombreros lost to The Foreigners, and that's just the start of the list. The point is upsets happen, DON'T YOU BE NEXT!

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