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A.F.A. Committee
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The following names are the people who really make Fraquetball happen. They are the faithful committee members who help govern (democratically) and make decisions about Fraquetball's outgoing problems.

    DJ Sass. Commissioner          
    Jennifer Lor. Executive Vice President
     Evie Harper-Godderz. President of Hall of Fame
    Tim Leone-Getten. President of Publicity
    Tom Totushek. Secretary of Interior 

Former Members

    Gus Olsen 02-04 (Pres. of HOF)
    Doug Anderson* fired 03-05 (Head of Team Registry)
    Sean Keith 05
    Nathan Jesson 02-06 (Commissioner)
    Cameron Beitler 05-06 (Pres. of HOF)
    Antonio Rosario 06(Sec. of Interior)
    Andrew Hoaglund 03-07 (Pres. of publicity)
    Liam Shramko 02-07 (Commissioner/vice president)
    Jose Garcia 07 (Pres. of HOF)
    Geoff Freeman 02
          Griffin Larson 07-09 (Executive Vice President)
    Emmett Ruff 08-09 (President of Hall of Fame)
    Danny Mauleon 08-09 (Secretary of the Interior)
    John Knapp 08-10 (Commissioner)
    Peter Moua 09-11 (Executive Vice President)

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